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What Now?

The steps you take now are extremely crucial to the outcome of your claim settlement. One mistake can cost you big. If you have begun restoration, maybe you should stop. We know it's hard. You want to get on with your life, but moving too fast may cause you to miss out on evidence that you could secure to avoid problems later on.

1) Take good pictures of the scene and surrounding property damage before cleaning up ANY damage. A claim requires proof. Without it, you may get paid less.

2) Protect and preserve your damaged property, even if you think it should be disposed. You're obligated to do so, and failure to follow through on this step can void your claim.

3) Collect insurance records and call us immediately to get free advice about your next steps. Policy terms differ from company to company, and your next steps need to be focused on your particular case.

4) Hire us to prevent the loss of crucial information, professionally document the extent of your damages, and manage your claim for the fastest and best outcome.

Remember, the insurance company is under no obligation to pay you for any damage you cannot prove.

Liam O'Meallie

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