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Bad Advice

Bad advice. It sounds right and usually makes sense.

Everyone you have talked to means well, and they want to see you dig out with the least grief. Nevertheless, be cautious about the advice you get. Here's why: 


Most agents get their knowledge by forwarding questions to the insurance company. Consider the source. The insurance company is the hand that feeds them. Agents are not in the claims department. Do they really know how to fight their own company? They might not be in a position to evaluate the company's answers.

We have had agents as clients.


There are over 100,000 lawyers in the Florida Bar Association, and many who would take your case would have to feel their way through. Don’t be someone’s learning exercise.

Most lawyers who take cases like yours only work with the damage data they are handed. They aren't damage experts.

Many lawyers in this field turn around and hire public adjusters to develop the data.

We have had lawyers as clients, clients have fired their lawyers and hired us, and we’ve been hired by lawyers to be expert witnesses.

Florida Adjusters

On the Florida State licensing test, there are NO questions about construction. Construction knowledge is not a requirement for licensing.

There are also NO questions about the understanding of damage. Damage knowledge is not a requirement for licensing.

We have had property adjusters as clients.

Out of State Adjusters

Many states don't even have a test. Some states’ adjusters are not regulated at all. They can still work in Florida.


Most contractors come from the school of “how can we keep this within budget?” Do you really care about saving the insurance company money if it means cutting corners on your own repairs? Contractors who think they're paid by insurance companies are the worst. It's YOUR money in that insurance check.

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