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Serving Florida and Georgia

Your property has been damaged. You filed your claim. Now what?

Public Adjuster sees what you see

We see what you see

We see what you lost and the time you are losing. We see your life on hold while you salvage what you can and haggle over the rest. We see it, we dig through it, and we can help. 

Public Adjuster sees what you don't see

We see what you don't see

Do you know what to look for? Do you know what they are looking for? Do you think that you're on a level playing field? Your insurance company knows all of your requirements, conditions, provisions, stipulations and exclusions. Do you?

Public Adjuster knows the ropes

We know the ropes

We know their tactics. We deal with the insurance company’s adjusters, forensic engineers, management and lawyers. We hold them to the rules. We dismantle their faulty objections. We capture, catalog and calculate. And we do it in their format. Navigation is key.

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