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A dwelling, a house, a business establishment, or office.  It is defined by you, and you are defined by it.  Without a place, who are you?

Do you know the cost of the damage?  Do you have any idea?  There may be more damage than you realize, and the cost to correct the damage properly can be much, much more than you think.  Is your insurance company paying you enough to put you back where you were?  How do you know?

When the costs grow higher than what the insurance company paid you, how do make the cost overrun stick?  Sometimes the true cost of repairs doesn't materialize until long after renovations have begun.  Who pays for that?  Sometimes inadequate estimates lead to unresolved problems after renovations are complete.  Did the recommended repair fix the problem?  Or did it just fix the surface symptoms?  Is there mold in your wall?  Will the nightmare continue?          

We are thorough. We know what to look for. And we see how much damage you have to fix to get back to where you were.


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