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About us. 

The O'Meallie Group is a team of two partners and two associates.  This team is a merger of very different yet complementary skill sets.  Each member has a different specialty that allows the team to accomplish more than if each person operated independently.  A team like that is hard to beat. 

Liam O'Meallie is the public adjuster.  He has helped make hundreds of clients whole.  He is the strategist.  When it comes to knowing the ropes, there are a lot of ropes to know: policy, law, codes, and corporate insurance practices.  He knows how to navigate the often treacherous waters of property insurance claims.  He has  18 years' experience, first as a corporate insurance financial consultant, claim adjuster, then public adjuster and expert witness.  He has developed strategies that work, and he knows the way through.

Len Seaver is the business manager.  He brings to the table 13 years' experience, first as a corporate financial analyst, systems analyst, software developer, then business analyst.  He is driven by the constant need to streamline the business, boost efficiencies, and enact methods to ensure speed and accuracy.  Len manages the multitude of tasks that each claim package must pass through.

Kevin O'Connor is an associate public adjuster with more than 20 years in construction.  He's also a certified masonry inspector.

Corinne Heller is a board certified civil trial lawyer with experience representing both plaintiffs' and defendents' insurance cases in state, federal, and appellate courts.  She helps review claims for legal competence, assists with negotiations, and is available for litigation.

This team doesn't act alone.  Behind them are resources that include case-specific adjusters, contents experts, and an entire stable of fully independent certified technical professionals. 


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